Growing up in the rural area, Valeska has 
a strong bond to nature and spends all her
free time outside. Already as a kid,
she was fascinated by the beauty
of pure landscapes and the sea- and oceanside.

Studying geography, Valeska started out to travel,
discovering the uniqueness of Mother Earth.
She seeks to capture stories and moments
that inspire to being mindful
with nature and their footprint on this planet.

Valeska sets her focus on landscapes, 
ocean, surf, mountains and travels. 

Grasping the moment with an open heart. 
I love to immerse into the moment,

getting lost in this vast unique world, 
feeling and experiencing each single facet of it.



Interview with Niels Labruijère, Surfguide Algarve,
for the online magazine Surfers

Photo reportage about hiking on the southern island of New Zealand
for the Bergwelten online magazine

Imagefilm / Reportage of Schreinerei Gögelein (carpenter),
sustainable forestry 



  • "Dream come true, thank you Valeska!"
    Niels Labruijère
    Niels Labruijère
  • "Thank you for capturing our most precious day in so much beautiful detail on camera. We couldn´t have asked for a better photographer to accompany us. We would love to have you for all our coming events."
    Nora & Cedric
    Nora & Cedric
  • "Thank you Valeska for the wonderful shooting which captured the great atmosphere of my last days with the historical dance group"

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